Islamic images in Hemingway`s the old man and the sea

This paper deals with Islamic images in Hemingway`s novel The Old Man an the Sea, a topic which has never been examined at all. Hemingway`s ideas about Islam could have been derived from the profound Islamicization of Spanish culture which he had known through listening to stories around safari campfires. hunting and the proper behavavior of man. The influence of Islam on hemingwav`s novel is evident from Islamic insinuations such as man`s attraction to the sea, and Islamic ideals and ethics as can be observed in the image of the « line », the image of the « Left hand » vs. The « right hand », the image of pride. the image of endurance and man`s infirmity, and the image of respect for and admiration of sea creatures. These images show affinities between Hemingway`s story and IsIam.


Salih M.

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