The text is what the reader makes it : apprehension and gaps ; comprehension and traps

My modest paper revolves around the difficulty of decoding the clues of a literary text. A text is supposed to enfold the intended meaning of its maker ; but are we able to know and unveil such meaning ?
My paper tries to show that the objectivity of a literary text is an illusion, because it steps beyond reality, mainly when the author expropriates our world and makes it something proper to him. Here lies the difficulty ! The author presents something which represents something else, and this something else is beyond, or behind, the language code. This matter causes plurality in interpretation. Thus, what the teacher should do is to help the student (to) make it,but never to make it for him. And the student, in turn, should know that there is no ready-made or ready-to-grasp interpretation of a literary text. He must read(and re-read) and train his nature of sensibility.

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Bouregbi Salah

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