Evaluation of Oral performance : a proposed model

Whilst highlighting the paramount significance of evaluation in general and of oral performance in particular, the present paper attempts to probe into the function of evaluation which, it is argued, should transcend mere “quantification”. In the absence of adequate recording facilities, especially video equipement whereby the examiner can replay the examinee’s performance as many times as necessary after the speech, the designing of an evaluative instrument- which enables the teacher to ascertain the learner’s output during the speech-stands out as pre-condition for adequate and objective evaluation. After presenting a gamut of evaluation activities to be used by the teacher while evaluating oral skills, the paper looks into the four major categories and thereby the ten criteria comprised in the proposed evaluative model. Analysis is rounded up with a series of recommendations and guidelines, which are drawn from the author’s own teaching experience and also from the experiences and works of other researchers in the field, and that are deemed cardinal to the endeavour of attenuating subjectivity in the evaluation of oral performance.

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