Learning to learn : the role of autonomy in building up a learning strategy.

Reinserting foreign language learning within the broader field of learning appears today as a necessity.research on cognitive developement stresses natural phenomena we are bound to comply to if our aim is learning. One of the aspects, which iwould like to develop in the present article, the nationale being that this will probably foster a feeling of respnsability in the learner about his own learning. As the accademia is generally stressing and often frustracting, we believe that when feeling more responsible for his learning, that is in understanding what he is dowing and how he is doing it, whill increase in him self-confidence and security, and this often reduces stress and frusturation. When we consider the needs of a learner, which are greately emphasized as basic to his readiness to learn, it becomes obvious that if the teacher cooperates to reinforce and recognise the efforts attempted by the lerner, the latters feeling of competence and even masteryin the performed task will generate in him self-esteem. The autonomy pottentially reached by the learner will certainly enble him to devise a strategy in which learning to learn will be as important as what to learn.

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