A rule based fuzzy model for the prediction of solar radiation

The main goal of this investigation is to use the fuzzy systems of Takagi Sugeno (TS) for modelling the daily solar radiation data. The Takagi-Sugeno models are a non-linear techniques, defined by a set of If- Then rules, each of which establishes a locallinear input-output relationship between the variables of the mode !. The TS fuzzy model is trained using data of daily solar radiation recorded on a horizontal surface in Dakhla in Morocco. The predicting results indicate that the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model gives a good accuracy of approximately 96 % and a root mean square error lower than 6 %. ln addition, the pelformances of the identified TS fuzzy model are then compared to a linear model using the SOS techniques. The results show the ejJectiveness of the non linear model.

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