Contribution of multispectral satellite imagery to the bathymetric analysis of coastal sea bottom

The knowledge of the topography of the seajloor is important for several applications.
Image satellites of observation of the earth are the result of the interaction of the e !ectromagnetic
radiance with the system sea - atmosphere and sensor. To understand this complex phenomel1a us
developed an analytic model of radiatif transfer simulation in water coupled to an atmospheric
model in order to simula te measure by satellite. This direct model permits 10 follow the solar
radiance Ùzhis trajectO/)l Swz-Atmosphere - Sea - Depth ofsea- sensor. The goal ofthis simulation is
to show for evoy satellite of observation (Alsat !, Spot, Lmzdsat MSS, Landsat TM) possibilities that
can ofJer in domaÙz of bathymetry. The princip’ie of measure of bathymetry necessarily takes this
mode ! of rejlec/ance joinil1g the intensity of radiometric signal measured by the satellite to the depth
as a basis ; it can call on the physical method tlzat requires the knowledge of ail parameters
goveming this mode ! (op tic properties ofwater, coefficient ofrejlection of the bOI/O/n, transmillance
of the atmosphere,). ln application, a set of relations figures are gOl/en to determine the bathymetry
of an inshore zone of Algeria. The model provüles of image mono channel where each pixel of the
maritime domain is represented either by a radiometry in - situ but rather by a calculated depth. ln
general the use of hybrid multiple Spot band regression algorithms are superior to the exclusive use
of any single band.

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