Détermination of the Mean Sea Level at Algiers Harbour From the Tidal Data Analysis

The présent study aims at defining a national sea level référence in Algeria and can be integrated in other océanographie projects for détermination of the mean sea level. Whatever the principle of measure is, a tide gauge is able to provide a local information on the height of the sea referred to the chosen référence. The main points of this study are : the calibration of the data of the electronic tidal gauge with an automatic data acquisition System installed in Algiers harbour ; the comparison of thèse data with the data acquired from the analogical tidal gauge installed on the same site ; and the detennination of the mean sea level using the harmonie analysis. The exploitation of the data recorded with the electronic tide gauge of Algiers during a period of two years provide an estimate of the mean sea level and the harmonie components which can be also used for the prédiction. The estimated mean sea level differs by a few centimeters of the actual value currently used which was determined in a « arbitrary » way.

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