Obtaining of Ti-Al alloy powder from Ti02 - AI2O3 oxides by Ca or Mg co-reduction

In this paper ihc resulls of a study concerning ihe possibilily of obtaining Ti-Al alloy powder by Ca or Mg co-reduction of iilanium and aluminum oxides mixture realized at 1247 K during 7.2 to 129.6 Ks in primary vacuum.
The reducing métal evaporation is very important, especially in présence of vacuum. The losscs hâve been redueed by using large particles of reducing métal and a coempacted mixture. In Ihese conditions the calcium has shown a better results. The product obtaincd after milling and lixiviation. is a Ti-Al alloy powder constituted from TiAl, Ti3AI intermetallics and α-Ti solid solution with 0.9% oxygen minimal content after a holding lime of 129.6 Ks.

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