Thickness Dependence of the Residual Resistivity and Transport Properties of Superconducting Tin Films

We hâve studied the variation of residual elecirical resistiviiy of superconducting tin films by Joule evaporation on glass substrates at room temperature (series I ) and cooled down to 150 K ( séries II ) and 77 K (séries III ) as a function of their inverse thickness. The extrapolation to infinite thickness allows to détermine the residual resistivity corresponding to the bulk materials of the same séries. The transport properties are interpreted in the framework of the Fuchs-Sondheimer’s theory taking into account the value of the product pL given by the free électron model. We have analysed the measured residual resistively dependence of Tc in terms of valence effects and Markowitz-Kadanoff s theory.

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Saidi K.

Zemmour K.

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