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A rule based fuzzy model for the prediction of solar radiation

Zeroualt A., Iqdour R.

Détermination du coefficient de diffusion et de l’énergie d’activation de la menthe lors d’un séchage conductif en régime continu

Kouhila M., Aghfir A. , Akkad S. , Rhazi M. , Kane C.S.E.

Evaluation of drying parameters and sorption isotherms of mint leaves (M. pulegium)

Kouhila M., Ethmane Kane C.S., Sid Ahmed M.A.O.

Forecasting the wind speed process using higher order statistics and fuzzy systems

Antari J., Iqdour R., Zeroual A.

Measurements for GPS meteorological applications

Haddadi M., Chaib C., Souar Z.

New method of current control for LCL-interfaced grid-connected three phase voltage source inverter

Hamrouni N., Jraidi M., Chérif A.

Solar radiation and ambient temperature effects on the performances of a PV pumping system

Hamrouni N., Jraidi M., Chérif A.

Transformer core modeling for magnetizing inrush current investigation

Yahiou A., Bayadi A.

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