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Effect of Al doping on the properties of electrodeposited ZnO nanostructures

Baka Ouidad, Khelladi Mohamed Redha , Azizi Amor

Fabrication and characterization of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films based humidity sensor with fast response by sol-gel method

Ghanem S., Telia A., Boukaous Ch.

Nanopowders prepared by Solar Physical Vapor Deposition (SPVD)

Monty Claude J. A.

Substrate effect temperature on Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films deposited by

Daranfed W., Fassi R., Hafdallah A., Ynineb F. , Attaf N., Aida M.S., Hadjeris L. , Rinnert H. , Bougdira J.

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