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Electromagnetic characterization and modelling of superconducting material

Electromagnetic characterization and modelling of superconducting material are very important for end users. Firstly main features of superconducting material are presented. Secondly two methods of characterization to obtain experimentally the influence of magnetic field on critical current (...)

Product of likelihood ratio scores fusion of dynamic face, text independent speech and on-line signature based biometrics verification application systems

In this paper, the use of finite Gaussian mixture modal (GMM) tuned using Expectation Maximization (EM) estimating algorithms for score level data fusion is proposed. Automated biometric systems for human identification measure a « signature » of the human body, compare the resulting (...)

Fatigue life prediction of package of suspension automotive under random vibration based on road roughness

The impact of a suitable suspension system for passenger comfort and vehicle steering is an obvious order and direct impact on the safety of passengers must be considered, to do so different kinds of tests must be exerted, one of these is fatigue testing which is one of the most significant (...)

Reduction of hot points formation in a heat tube bundle exchanger

Among the major problems in the use of baffles in heat exchangers is the formation of hot points due to the stagnation of the flow behind baffles. The present work shows a design of a porous space in the baffles in order to shake the dead zones behind these baffles. The numerical investigation (...)

New exact bound states solutions for (C.F.P.S.) potential in the case of non commutative three dimensional non relativistic quantum mechanics

We obtain here the modified bound-states solutions for central fraction power singular potential (C.F.P.S.) in noncommutative 3-dimensional non relativistic quantum mechanics (NC-3D NRQM). It has been observed that the commutative energy spectra was changed, and replaced degenerate new states, (...)

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